The company

Stralka Manufaktur für Pokerchips GmbH was founded in 2008 by Ingo Stralka and Dieter M. Klöckner. We specialized on the development, production and the distribution of premium poker chips.


“Those who play poker, want to win – who plays with Stralka poker chips, wins!” This basic idea, our passion to the poker game and the need to promote our economic region by our company motivate us in our daily doing. Equivalently with our economic goals of management are responsible to our fellow human beings and our environment here in the focus of attention.


We want to:


In order to be able to achieve these goals, we selected the manufactory for our company as type of firm. The manufactury in 21 Century is for us the symbiosis from traditional craftmanship and most modern technology. We keep the automation level as small with all process steps as necessary and act after an internal quality magament system following standard ISO 9001. For the protection and keeping of our environment we likewise integrated our own environmental management system in our company.
The development and the manufacturing of our poker chips exclusively take place in Germany. The assigned raw materials, packing, services, suppliers, etc. - all originates primarily from Germany and Europe. Thus, we consider the short routes and contribute to environmental protection. In short:

Quality Made in Germany
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