STRALKA MONOCHROMES - Manufacturing of the chip series in our manufactory.

Following to the historical production of poker chips at the beginning of the last century in Cincinnati, Ohio, the poker chips in our manufactory are made with a high proportion of manual work. Unlike the past few days, we manufacture according to German quality and safety standards of the 21 Century. We only use high quality raw materials with which we hire exactly the characteristic features of our poker chips:


Tungsten is a metal and stands as chemical element with the atomic number of 74 in the periodic table of the elements. The tungsten content of the Earth's crust is about 0.0001 g/t, therefore, tungsten and its compounds belong to the group of the most expensive raw materials on the world market. Pure tungsten is characterised special by its high fusion point and its high density. With its 19.25 g/cc by only 0.07 g/cc less than gold and nearly twice as high as that of lead. With the current knowledge of tungsten and its compounds are considered physiologically safe. For these reasons we use pure tungsten for the production of our STRALKA MONOCHROMES, in order to adjust the weight of the chips.

Zircon oxide

Zircon oxide is a ceramic high-performance material with excellent physical and chemical characteristics. Besides its use in technical and high-temperature applications due to its good biocompatibility of zircon oxide is also used as a prosthetic material in medical technology and is therefore also physiologically safe. Under the name of zirconia zircon oxide is known as a popular gem, and differ only by experts from real diamonds. Through the use of zircon oxide in the manufacture of our STRALKA MONOCHROMES we obtain the unique haptic and acoustic properties and high strength of our chips.


To the color design of our STRALKA MONOCHROMES solely pigments are used, which fulfill the strict regulations of the DIN EN 71 ( safety of toys ) and with the American health authority FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) are certified.

Polymer matrix

The synthetic polymer matrix is the carrier component for tungsten, zircon oxide and the pigments. It is characterised particularly by a high hardness and an outstanding long-term stability and is likewise pysiological harmless. To protect our environment, we use only the purest secondary materials that are in their second life cycle of a primary property values.

Value Inlay

The value of inlays are printed on the back in a special procedure. This and the overlying, highly scratch-resistant protective coating to ensure a perfect protection of the pressure from outside influences. The surface texture of the value inlays prevents light reflections, so that the chip values remain well readable with all lighting conditions. The surface structure of the value of inlays prevents light reflection, so that the chip values in all lighting conditions is easy to read.

STRALKA MONOCHROMES - Characteristics and design

Due to the unique characteristics of our poker chips, they do not take into existing classifications such as clay or ceramic chips lane - these are original STRALKA poker chips.


The chip weight is 10g 0.3 g, the diameter is 38.95 mm 0.03 mm and the height of 3.29 mm 0.02 mm. By the close dimensional tolerances our chips can be stacked to impressing high towers. A new fact in the world of the poker chips are the profile lines on the chip edge, favoring a lighter and different recording chip tricks. The profile lines at the edge and the surfaces are stamped - like our company logo imprinted on the chip

The chips are fully dyed and have no metal core. The colors are arranged from a harmonious color row and can even with smaller brightness be well differentiated.

The design of the STRALKA MONOCHROMES is timeless elegant! It was reduced consciously to the absolute minimum , so that the substantial characteristics of our poker chips become effective still better. The formative construction took place strictly according to the principle proportio divina - the divine division.

When assigning the values to the chip colors we have strictly abided by the rules of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. The following recommendations for casinos there are expressed there:

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